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 Mom Bomb giving organization 

lends a helping hand to moms who

find themselves in a life changing

event and need some support.  


Mother and Baby
Mother Hugging Child
Mother and Child

Being a Mom is HARD!

Moms are responsible for so much to keep a family running and sometimes she just can’t do it all because of a special circumstance.


That’s where we come in. 

We want to lend a hand, to help with one of four different options, depending on mom’s specific needs.

So when mom has hit a road bump: a sudden illness; surgery; left with kids to raise alone; or any other major stressors that come from unexpected events, we want to help.


Our mission is simple:

1) Make a product that is superior in the marketplace and can stand on its own.

2) Use the money from those sales to support mothers in need.


Simply fill out the form HERE and you will go into our queue to be considered for our services. 


We are helping people every day, and while some situations require a more swift response, know that when we get your information and hear your story – we actually read them. We are real people working to help moms like you and we're reading your stories and want to help. 

That’s why we were created.


We have a variety of luxurious bath products, and the best part of buying them is that a portion of each product sold goes directly towards this organization which helps mothers in times of crisis!

Laundry Service

To learn more about how and why this cause came to be, read the mom bomb story here: