Our mission is simple:

1) Make a product that is superior in the marketplace and can stand on its own.

2) Use the money from those sales to support mothers in need.

We wanted to create a better bath bomb that people would love, while also filling a societal gap. Our founder, Heather Roberts, had her own struggles as a mother and, as she talked to others, she found that all-too-often, they too had unexpected things happen in their lives, stressful things that can break anyone in an already-tenuous position. A mother that gets left with three children suddenly, a mom that needs to support her mother's medical expenses while also caring for her own children, a mother with a long-term illness that doesn't quite qualify for disability... There was clearly a need, and Heather decided that this product -- the very product that gave her both relief and hope -- could be used to help those who fell into that gap.

You see, we know that moms support other moms, but it's not always easy to ask your fellow moms for help. We hope that our giving organization, MomBomb.org, will ease the burdens of those struggling so that mothers don't have to continue relying on their same spheres of influence. We've been through that ask-cringe-repeat cycle, and we want to help.

There are countless charitable organizations that state how much they raise, but rarely do we hear what was done with the money raised.  MomBomb.org wants to change that. We are completely transparent, and allow our fans to see not only how we have helped people, but also where we have helped them and how it made a difference in their lives. We encourage you to check our giving organization page for updates and news... And when you're feeling the stress, or just want to appreciate how lucky you are, drop a bomb in the tub and let the day melt away while knowing that you're helping another mom!

Watch a message from our founder - Heather Roberts 


We allow our beneficiaries to choose the service that would most help them in their time of need.

Each may choose from one of four options (each valued at $500)


Our goal is to help anyone raising a family who has had a major catastrophic event. We feel there is a societal gap for heads of households who fall ill unexpectedly; have to suddenly deal with an ailing parent or child; are left by a partner suddenly and raising children. There are many circumstances where we will get involved and help. Our mission is to serve as many people as possible through the donations made by our parent company, Mom Bomb, and contributions from generous donors.