What to get the person who has everything this holiday season?

Mom bomb solves that problem with the introduction of its Limited-Edition Lux Box.  For $1250, you can have four bespoke scented bath bombs which includes a $1000 donation to the Company’s 501c3 Non-Profit MomBomb.org.
The scarce Lux Boxes are first come, first served and each comes with a Numbered Receipt outlining the Donated Amount.

The Lux Gift Collection of four bath bombs come from perfectly curated sources

The Belgian cocoa Essential oil smells like you’re bathing a cup of warm cocoa, however don’t let your senses deceive you, as the essential oil of the cocoa plant has been touted for centuries as the moisturizer to the gods, and with the additional creaminess that comes with a European flair, this will be the best experience gift you’ve ever given.

Italian Hazelnut Essential Oil – While you may feel like you’ve been transported to a villa in Italy, overlooking the sea and drinking a hot cup of vigor, your skin is actually being treated to properties from ingredients that minimize fine lines and create smaller pores, with anti-inflammatory properties.

English Rose Essential Oil – If you’ve ever daydreamed about a secret garden, the experience you’ll have with this bath bomb will whisk your mind away to a place filled with rose bushes, secret benches and bunnies scurrying about.  Rumor has it, a unicorn was once spotted here.

Himalayan Salt with Tahitian Vanilla Essential Oil – When it’s time to zone out of the conscious and calm your mind so the plan can unfold as nature intended, it’s time to make sure no one will bother you, put in earplugs and let go.  Let everything unfold as it may.