Buy Mom Bombs Help Moms

We’ve got it. The most unique bath bomb.

Mom Bombs are luxurious bath bombs handmade here in the USA. They are organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and contain CBD. A bath bomb containing CBD has many benefits. Bathing in CBD provides a soothing sensation that you have never before experienced while taking a bath. The CBD and essential oils blends together to create a therapeutic effect on your body- relieving any anxiety or muscle-pain.

Contrary to the “MomBomb” name, these bath bombs are not only for moms. Once a bath bomb is purchased, a portion of that sale goes towards the giving organization which serves to help a mother in crisis. Our services for mothers include meal delivery, cleaning, laundry and child care. Allow yourself to take a relaxing bath while knowing you were able to help a mother and her family out. Handmade bath bombs which are the perfect gift set not only for mom, but for anyone you know.

Take a Vacation With Mom Bomb!

Wherever you go this summer, ensure you maximize your relaxation with a Mom Bomb Luxury Gift Set!


Mom Bomb Luxury Gift Sets are a must when you vacation. The instant you open one of our Mom Bomb Classic Boxes, you will be overcome by the indulgent aroma. The bath bombs create the most beautiful and luscious bubbles. You will feel all your stress melt away as you bathe. Our bath bombs are made with organic ingredients, and when you get out of the bath your skin will feel smooth and clean.


If you are looking to get the most out of your vacation, you cannot go wrong with a Mom Bomb Classic Box. You will have 6 lovely bath bombs to choose from. Each scent is heavenly and will ensure utmost relaxation. Don’t forget to pack a Mom Bomb Luxury Gift Set on your next trip!






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