What does it mean to be “In Need”

At some point every day we all are in need of something, whether that be the basics such as clean water and food or something more substantial like basic assistance with a task at work. Need takes on many forms and when thinking about the sector of the population that I felt needed help, I chose mothers in need for many reasons; I was a mother in need of many simple things that I took for granted when I got sick. Mothers are typically the glue that holds the family together, and there is a gaping hole in our society for mother’s in the middle of the economic scale.

What I didn’t take into account were the many different ways that mothers might have a need. This couldn’t have been more obvious when we served our first mother! We offer services to help stem the tide when a mother is in need, typically services that replace the tasks mothers do daily – laundry, food prep and cooking, child care and housekeeping. Our first benefactor needed something different, so we pivoted and got her what she needed instead of our normal offerings. (You can read more about that particular story on our previous blog)

To that end, we are ready to serve more mothers and I want to point out that a mother in need might not be someone who falls ill like I did. It could be for the mother who needs to care for an elderly parent in addition to work and motherly duties. Being in need could take the form of having a child break a bone and needing to balance the care of that child with other children, and work, and who knows what else. The point is that need takes on many forms and we want to hear your stories. We want to help. So think about yourself or someone you know that could be in need of a little help, and let’s bomb them with mom love.

I hope you’ll help us spread the word.


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