Wrapping up Selfcare Awareness Month by Providing Support to Mom Christina

In honor of self care awareness month, we wanted to ensure that moms all around the world are remembering to take time to care for themselves. It is easy to get caught up when you are taking care of the kids, and doing all of the other household things along with your job, to remember that you need to care for yourself! And you can do that in a variety of ways! Whether it be physical, emotional or even just allowing others to come in and take care of a job that is too big for you to tackle on your own and remember it is okay to ask for help when you need it most!

Meet Christina:

Christina came to us in a time of crisis. Her home had gotten to a pretty unmanageable condition. So bad that she couldn’t even stay there due to the clutter and being 8 months pregnant with health issues that cause her to get lightheaded from simple tasks, thus the home falling into the condition it was in. She has had fainting spells since she was 14 and did not have any explanation as to why until about a month ago, when she was 7 months pregnant she fainted and passed out on the her stomach. When being checked out at labor and delivery to make sure the baby was okay, she was having abnormal heart rhythms and her heart rate dropped to 40. This is when she was diagnosed with Wolff Parkinson White, a congenital heart problem.

This is where Mom Bomb came in. We were able to work with a local cleaning service who came into the home and first helped organize everything and provided storage bins and organization bins for things such as toys and shoes. The cleaning service then came to the home a second time to do a deep clean and really scrub everything down all the way to shampooing the couch. Christina’s husband is a welder and the shower had become black from him washing off the metal each day when he comes home from work. Christina said, “the shower and tub look brand new”.

Christina has 2 year old little boy and another baby on the way and feels so much better to be able to bring the new baby home to a clean and clutter-free home. Christina said she the cleaning service exceeded her expectations and she can’t believe how amazing each of the rooms look now. “I feel so much better bringing the new baby home soon in our trailer now. My little boy just keeps saying “oooo nice” as he walks around and looks at our house. I’m just glad the new baby is going to be coming home to a clean and organized home.” Christina can now relax on this last month before her new little one arrives, as she has a clean home and a happy family. “Words can’t express how thankful I am for everything” We are so happy we were able to help Christina in her time crisis and provide a sense of normalcy with everything that is going on!

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Check out some photos of the home after the cleaning service!

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