Mom Bomb Giving Hires New Executive Director

Giving to Moms is Crisis is Needed Now More Than Ever

Shrewsbury, Jul 7, 2020 (  - Mom Bomb Giving, a sister organization to the luxury bath retailer and a US Consumer Healthcare Advocacy Group (USCHAG) portfolio company, is pleased to announce that Karen Dumond has joined the Charity as Executive Director. Karen has been part of the Mom Bomb family since January 2019, having served as President of the retail division for over a year.  “I am thrilled to spearhead the most integral part of the Mom Bomb business, running its charity which provides crucial assistance to moms in crisis across the country,” Karen explained.  She will reinforce Mom Bomb Giving’s mission of helping moms in crisis, build the organization’s grant and donor programs, and heighten the awareness of the charity in the marketplace.  Karen has years of experience in charitable endeavors as company liaison to the Massachusetts Charitable Foundation, which awards grants to housing assistance and homeless organizations. Mom Bomb Giving was formed in 2017 as a 501C3 companion to the Mom Bomb luxury bath bomb retailer.  A portion of every sale of products from the retailer helps fund Mom Bomb Giving. Donations are also received through fundraising and grant awards. Since its inception, Mom Bomb Giving has donated services to over a dozen moms nationwide who were faced with a crisis and needed some assistance to stem the tide. They donate $500 worth of services to applicants either with house cleaning, childcare, laundry services or meal delivery.

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