#MyGivingStory Series: Chapter 2 - Our President & CEO Karen Dumond

I have had the privilege of knowing our founder, Heather Roberts for over a decade.  It was hard seeing her in crisis and struggling through her illness. So, when she started Mom Bomb, I was impassioned to join her to help others who had gone through what she had.  

I am a mother and know the everyday challenges, and fortunately I have not been faced with struggles such as Heather's and others. Yet I know the pain it can cause intimately.  My son befriended a boy in his high school class who was abandoned by his mother as a child and his father was incarcerated.  When his guardians abandoned him too, my family and I took in this 16 year old who had experienced traumatic loss and neglect.  

Although my main goal was to provide a secure and loving environment for him in the best way I could, I had to recognize his mother's struggle that caused her to neglect her child and eventually lose custody. My heart breaks for my foster child but the mother was lost, she was in crisis with no one to help. If I can stop this from happening to one mom and child then I find hope that each life we impact will be one less mom lost and one less child left to struggle with the scars of such a life.

Peace and love,

Karen Dumond

Mom Bomb CEO

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