#MyGivingStory Series: Chapter 3 - Our Vice President Maria Addario-Alter

Giving is just what I've always done, from girl scouts, to high school, and beyond. Giving back to family, friends and the community has always appealed to me. I was an officer for a non- profit for the past 11 years- helping bring programs to our local school.  I also ran a fundraiser for breast cancer research for 3 years to celebrate a friend who was a survivor. “Help others and it will help you twice as much” I always say. That feeling of making a difference in someone else's life who may not know how to ask for help, warms my heart. I have two daughters who I encourage to find a cause and  give their time to it. It can be as small as a few hours a month. I love the feeling of everyone doing a little; and watch how far it can go! The smallest act of kindness can be life changing to someone! So I tell my daughters “do what you can, you don't know how much it could mean to someone.''

 Being a mom is the best job, but it also can be very difficult. We, as women, should want to support each other, and helping a fellow woman who is doing her best in a time of crisis….is our goal....this can create a ripple that can affect generations. 



Moms We've Helped